Festive Garland with Love Bomb Ornament

If you are on Instagram and haven't seen it yet, then you are probably not on Instagram. The Love Bomb Ornament by Jane aka @queen_babs is all over invading my feed with festive images of colorful versions. Obviously, I couldn't resist trying it out - not to mention that by buying her pattern you help her fund the purchase of a working wheelchair -.

Jane has been a caring, happy soul spreading joy with her crochet creations despite her health issues, giving hugely to our creative community. You can find her lovely pattern here or on her Ravelry shop.

I created a garland using this particular ornament for my workspace, but you can use basically any other ornament or embellishment to make your own version.

Materials used:

For the Love Bomb

ornament: Debbie Bliss cotton dk, in duck egg, peach and heather,

and some golden thread I had at home that I used alternating in between a few rows and the border for a more festive look.

Hook 4mm

For the garland and stars: Drops cotton light white (the Debbie Bliss is, in my opinion, too thick to create a nice garland).

Hook: 3.5 mm



Foundation chain with multiples of 6 + 4 ch, I made 180ch+4ch for 30 clusters

It's up to you to decide how to distribute the ornaments and stars among the clusters. This is how I did it: 2 clusters at the beginning and two at the end, and four clusters in between ornaments for the stars. The stars take up two clusters.

The image on the left is just an example.

Row 1

Sc on sixth chain of the foundation chain, *ch2, skip next ch, sc in next ch* repeat all the way until beginning of the chain.

Row 2

ch, turn *sc in ch2 space, ch, dc in next ch2 space, ch2, dc again in same space, ch, sc in next ch2 space, slst in sc of previous row*. Repeat ** one more time.

Now comes the "hanging part"

**Sc in ch2 space, ch, dc in next ch2 space, chain 8, sl on 3rd chain (1st picot), ch5, now you have to attach the ornament. Pull the loop long enough to go around the top ring, hoop, loop (you name it) of the ornament, like this:

Pull up a loop to close it, ch5, sl into 1st ch of ch5 (2nd picot), ch6, sl into 1st ch of ch6 (3rd picot), sl into 2nd ch of initial ch8, ch, dc into same ch2 of previous row, ch, sc into next ch2, sl into sc of previous row**.

*sc in ch2 space, ch, dc in next ch2 space, ch2, dc again in same space, ch, sc in next ch2 space, slst in sc of previous row* 4 times.

Continue alternating sequences from **to** to attach ornament and from *to* 4 times for clusters, all along, you should end up with two clusters left after the last ornament attached.


Ch3 (1st dc) + 11dc into magic ring, slst into top of ch3 (12sts)

*Ch6, slst into 3rd ch from hook to create a picot, ch3, skip one dc, slst into next dc* 3 more times (4 points of the star made).

The fifth and sixth point of the star will be attached to the garland, so continue with ch6, now insert the loop through the ch2 space of the cluster of the garland and make the picot as usual, ch3, skip one dc, slst into next dc, ch6, insert loop through the next cluster, make the picot as usual, ch3, skip one dc and slst into beginning of initial ch6 (you should have a 6 pointed star now).


I hope you like it, let me know if you have any question. Have a great day!

#crochet #pattern #garland #ornament

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