Autumn Bloom Mandala

February 16, 2017

Where I live, the signs of Autumn are appearing much later than usual this year and we are experiencing a prolonged Summer. And as much as I love Autumn, what I miss the most when Spring and Summer are over, is enjoying the beautiful blooming flowers after a snowy Winter.

An initial flower gave life to this mandala, hence the name. Maybe I am trying to fool the imminent Autumn a bit longer......





Hook: 3.5 mm

Yarn: 4ply 100% cotton


Abbreviations and stitches:

(ch) chain

(sl) slip stitch

(sc) single crochet

(hdc) half double crochet

(dc) double crochet

(stdc) standing double crochet - this is the stitch I use instead of the initial ch3 as a dc (see

instructions at the end of the pattern)

(fphdc) front post half double crochet

4 dc Popcorn stitch 

Note: The instructions between ** should be repeated as many times as indicated in the row.



Naturally you can change colors as you wish, I will give the instructions for the sequence of colors of this particular mandala; any change of color will be indicated at the beginning of the row. 


Row 1: Into magic ring make 6sc, sl to top of first sc


Row 2:  ch3 (or make a stdc), 3dc in same stitch, make first bobble stitch with 4 dc, ch3, *4dc bobble stitch into next sc from previous row, ch3*, repeat on each sc of previous row, sl on top of initial ch3 (or stdc). You should have 6 bobbles at the end (= 6 petal flower).


Row 3: new color - sc behind any bobble stitch, sc again, dc in between first bobble and the next one, ch3, dc in same space at previous sc, *2sc behind next bobble, dc in between current bobble and next one, ch3, dc in same space as previous dc* repeat all the round, sl on initial sc.

See below:

Row 4:  sl in next second sc from previous row, sl into ch3 space, ch3 (or stdc) 4dc in same ch3 space, ch2, *5dc in next 3ch space, ch2* 5 times, sl on ch3 (stdc).

Row 5: new color - ch3 (or stdc) in any middle dc from 5dc group of previous row, 2dc in same stitch, hdc in next two stitches, 2sc in ch2 space of previous row, hdc in the next two stitches, *3 dc in next stitch, hdc in next two stitches, 2sc in ch2 space, hdc in next two stiches* 5 times, sl on ch3 (stdc).

Row 6: new color - sc in any middle dc of 3dc group of previous row, ch5, dc in space created by ch2 of row 4, ch, dc in same space, ch5, *sc, ch5, dc in space created by 2ch of row 4, ch, dc in same space, ch5* 5 times, sl into first sc.

Row 7: ch3 (or make stdc), dc3 into same space, make first bobble, ch2, 5sc into 5ch space from previous row, sl into ch space of previous row (the one between the 2 dc), *ch3 (or make stdc), 3dc, make bobble, ch2, 5sc into ch5 space of previous row, sl into sc of previous row* 11 times. You should have 12 bobbles in the round.


Row 8: new color -  ch3 or stdc into any middle sc of previous 5sc row, 2dc in same stitch, ch3, hdc behind bobble, ch3, *3dc into middle sc of 5sc of previous row, ch3, hdc behind bobble, ch3* 11 times, sl on ch3 (or stdc).

Row 9: new color - sc on any middle dc of 3dc of previous row, sc on next stitch, 2sc in ch3 space, fphdc on hdc of previous row, 2sc in ch3 space, *3sc on top of 3 dc of previous row, 2sc, fphdc on hdc of previous row, 2sc in ch3 space* 11 times, sl on first sc.

On the image below you can see a close-up of the row (I should have probably used a more contrasting color after the white....sorry!)

 Row 10: ch3 (or stdc), dc in next 4 stitches, ch3, dc on top of fphdc of previous row, *7dc, ch3, dc on top of fphdc of previous row* 10 times, dc to complete the row, sl into first ch3 (or stdc).


Row 11: new color - 3ch (or stdc) on top of any dc of previous row. When you reach a 3ch corner, *dc into ch3 space, ch3, dc into same space, continue with dc all the round, You should have 12 ch3 spaces at the end of the row.

Row 12 (last row) sc all the round on top of each dc of previous row. When you reach a ch3 space make *hdc, dc, tr, dc, hdc* 12 times. 



I hope you like this little mandala and if you fancy, go ahead and share your version and color choices, it's always fun to see how each one makes it their own......






Standing double crochet at beginning of the row


Yarn over hook two times (image 1)

Insert hook into stitch, pull up a loop (image 2 and 3)

Yarn over, pull up a loop through first two loops on hook (image 4)

Yarn over, pull a loop trough two loops on hook and voilà! (image 5)

As you can see on image 6, no more annoying ch3.... 



Standing double crochet in the row


Here you go a bit differently as you are already in the row and you need to build up the stitch

(from a sl)


Pull the loop a bit longer (almost the height a real dc would have) (image 1)

Place your index finger (the one holding the hook) on the loop to hold it tight and move the hook below using the same loop to create a new loop on the hook, now you have 2 loops (image 2)

Pull up a loop through the first loop on the hook (image 3)

Pull up a loop through both loops on hook (image 4)

Once again, no ch3 a la vista! (image 5)



4dc Popcorn stitch


4dc, remove hook from loop (image 1)

Insert hook through top of first dc (or ch3), insert hook through loop of 4th dc (image 2)

Pull up a loop through both loops on hook (image 3)


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