Lazy Scarf

For this simple scarf I have used a gorgeous Peruvian alpaca called Indiecita DK Luxury Baby Alpaca, colors Nr. 100 and 401. The brick color is from some leftover alpaca that I had in my stash. It's an easy and repetitive pattern that works well with all kind of yarns.

Instructions are in US terms.

Hook: 4 mm

Abbreviations and stitches:

(ch) chain

(sc) single crochet

(sk) skip

(tr2tog) make 2 triple crochet stitches together in same stitch

(tr3tog) cluster make 3 triple crochet stitches in same stitch

Here you will find a tutorial of how to make a tr3tog cluster



Foundation chain: make chains in multiples of five until you reach the desired width. This scarf is made with 60 chains + ch 4 (for the first tr). It measures 20cm (7.9" approx) wide and 1,80 (71") long.

In order to keep the borders balanced all along, I recommend to choose a number of chains by tens like 50, 60, 70, etc. You'll understand what I mean if you take a look at the chart below:

Row 1 and 2 form first two standing clusters together, then a single cluster, 2 clusters, then one single again and so on. If you make, let's say, 45ch + ch4, you'll end up having 2 clusters at the beginning and finish with one cluster on the other side of the scarf.

Row 1: Make tr2tog into the 5th ch from hook using the last ch4 from foundation chain to create a tr3tog cluster, *ch 4, sk next 4 chains, sc in next chain, ch 4, sk next 4 chains, tr3tog cluster* 5 more times. The last tr3tog cluster should be crocheted into the first chain of the foundation row.

Row 2: ch 1, sc on top of tr3tog cluster of previous row, *ch 4, tr3tog cluster into sc from previous row, ch 4, sc on top of tr3tog cluster from previous row* repeat ** 5 more times.

Row 3: ch4 (first tr) + tr2tog to create the first tr3tog cluster. Then continue all the way as in row 1.

Row 4: ch1, sc on top of previous tr3tog cluster, *ch4, sk 4, sc* repeat ** until the end of row

Row 5: ch1, sc on sc of previous row, *ch4, sk 4, sc* all the way to the end.

Row 6: repeat row 5.

This first set of rows (1 to 6) will be repeated all along the work until you reach the desire length. I have made 40 sets of rows 1 to 6.

I have done many scarves after and if you want to have a more "lacier" - I don't think that word even exits - look, it's better to use a 3\3.5mm hook as in the pictures above.

I have added different borders and fringes; pom-poms would also probably look lovely, or really whatever your mood dictates you.....I hope you like it! You can always contact me if you have any question.

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