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  “Do more of what 
    makes you happy.” 

My name is Mariana, I live with my husband and three amazing teenagers in beautiful Switzerland. I was born in Argentina but left my country many years ago. I really lost count of how many times I moved.....

I have always loved writing, drawing, art, photography, anything related to paper and fabric and in the last years, it's all about yarn: I have become avidly addicted to crochet. I love playing with colors and shapes. I use other people’s patterns and my own. I do crochet works on commission and design my own patterns which you are welcome to use and share on social media.

If you do so, I would appreciate you mentioning my name or tagging your projects accordingly for credit. 

I have been mostly sharing some of my work on Instagram, I also use Pinterest and now you are welcome to visit me here too! The name Winter Beach comes from this ideal image in my mind of me seated on a comfortable chair, cozily wrapped in a crocheted blanket watching the turbulent, cold ocean with a basket full of yarn on one side and a cup of coffee in the morning - a glass of wine in the evening - on the other. That kind of beach speaks to me, the one that invites you to reflect and admire nature in all its beautiful intensity.

I might not be able to update this site as often as I’d love to, but you are welcome to come by, say hello and stay as long as you want. I would love to hear from you!

This window is always open.


Thanks for visiting!

Mariana Abadie 

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